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Residential Exterior Painting Services in Lakeland, FL

When it comes to Residential Exterior Painting Services, we can truly make your dream home come to life!

Residential Exterior Painting Services

When you talk about exterior painting in Lakeland metropolitan area, JDS Home Solutions is truly the right Solution for you. We know that every few years, 5 or so, your home exterior should be painted. Our Residential Exterior Painting Services can bring into being a true home makeover. Not only will this ameliorate your home’s outward appearance, but it will also extend the longevity of your home.

Some of the Benefits to Painting Your Home's Exterior

Other important benefits to getting your home exterior painted include:

Painting the exterior of your home will help in Increasing its value: It has been estimated that your exterior painting can end in a 140% return on investment which is so much more than any other home improvement.

Painting the home’s exterior wil also help in Improving its aesthetic appeal: A simple fresh coat of exterior paint can significantly enhance your home’s curb appeal and charm.

Painting your home’s exterior will Extend the life of your home: When you paint your home’s exterior on a regular basis, this protects your home from wear and tear and prevents costly repairs down the road.

Painting your home’s exterior will help Prevent Termite Damage: If your exterior walls  consist of a wood frame structure and have vinyl siding, painting and sealing the exterior of your home can protect and help prevent damage by termites.

Locating the right residential exterior painting company could end up being somewhat overwhelming, but with JDS Home Solutions, you can be assured to have peace of mind. We always treat your home with the utmost care it deserves, because we treat it as if it were our own.

Our Residential Exterior Painting Expertise Includes

Our professional exterior painting crew can take care of every aspect of your exterior painting needs. Remember that your home exterior gives the very first impression of your home to anyone who passes by or drives by your home.

At JDS Home Solutions, we understand that providing stellar quality service is paramount. We make use of only industry leading paints, such as Sherwin-Williams­® as well as  stains and other materials, to make sure that every single project has the quality and long lasting finish for years to come that you and your home deserve.

Our Residential Exterior Painting

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